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About the product

The problem of modern life in the XXI century

In the stream of modernity, in the era of gadgets and the Internet, we are happy to accept innovative technologies, keeping up with the times, without thinking about the price of this busy, relevant life. And it’s not about the material component, but about something more valuable and dear to each of us, about our health , or more precisely, about our healthy, stable life .

Each of us has at least once heard about such a concept as electromagnetic radiation ( EMP ). However, few people know to what extent this problem is reaching in the 21st century.

What is EMY?

EMP (electromagnetic radiation) is a type of energy hazardous to humans, which is excited by electrical appliances (telephone, computer, TV, hair dryer, etc.). These radiations are more intense and powerful than our shell and, when exposed to the electromagnetic field of living organisms, in particular, people, distort, and eventually completely destroy biofield of a person.

What is the human biofield ?

Each of us has our own electromagnetic field, which is also often called biofield / aura . It is thanks to him that our body works. This field, as an individual shell, protects people from negative radiation and the dire consequences of their influence.

По тому же принципу работает ионосфера Земли. Она защищает от космического излучения все живое на нашей планете. Все знают про магнитные бури и озоновые дыры. То, что опасно для планеты, для высокорганизованного человеческого существа – опасно ТЕМ БОЛЕЕ!

Если оболочка искажена, влияние электромагнитных полей проявляется в ряде негативных последствий для человеческого организма и всего живого в целом.

What is the effect of EMR on the human body?

Every second of life, in gadgets, mobile Internet and household appliances, in radiation from modern communication towers 5G and even 6G , a modern man is exposed to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. It is no secret that high data transfer rates require more power supply and radiation of antennas on the towers. The effect is made on the immune, nervous, endocrine, reproductive systems. Sleep worsens. Irritability, chronic fatigue appears, and over time, irreversible health problems. We can try to shield ourselves from radiation sources, but it is impossible to completely exclude their influence, they are everywhere. Since, an irritant is any device connected to the mains, regardless of its complexity. That is, all the adaptations that are considered an integral part of our life. Also, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and numerous transmitting devices that are saturated with modern cities.

What to do? Is it possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful influence of EMR ?

Today it is possible and available for everyone who cares about their health and wants to feel confident and safe.

L & amp; S has been a leading manufacturer of unique innovative products in the field of protection against the negative effects of EMR and restoration of human health for more than 10 years. Each L & amp; S device is made to the highest quality standards, modern, compact and maximally convenient for daily use.


Принцип действия
наших устройств

Восстанавливающие и гармонизирующие устройства L&S предоставляют собой режекторный фильтр, который имеет ряд особенностей и свойств. С его помощью достаточно легко можно нейтрализовать взаимодействия внешних электромагнитных полей на человека. 

Устройства подходят всем без исключения, могут быть рекомендованы для гармонизации и восстановления энергетического поля, и, как следствие, улучшения работы иммунной системы и всего организма в целом.

  • Нейтрализация воздействия
    электромагнитных полей
    Которые пагубно влияют на человека
  • Восстановление энергетического
    поля человека
    Для продуктивной жизнедеятельности
  • Улучшение работы
    всех систем организма
    Что способствует достижению целей
Великие цитаты

“Высшее благо достигается
на основе полного физического
и умственного здоровья...”

Марк Ту́ллий Цицеро́н
Древнеримский политический деятель,
оратор и философ

Наши продукты


An innovative ultra-thin device for a mobile phone that maximally protects the human body from the effects of EMR during a conversation. You can not limit yourself in communicating on the phone, being under reliable protection, staying always in touch!


A small, compact device that you can always take with you. It will become your universal tool and an irreplaceable ally in the fight against EMP. It will help relieve fatigue, restore and strengthen the immune system, which has to fight various infectious diseases every day.


Exclusive regenerator and harmonizer of all body systems. An innovative device that will always work for you. If you are tired of constant irritation, insomnia and headaches, then Lackey is exactly what you need. With its help, you will get rid of chronic fatigue, gain healthy sleep and improve overall well-being.


Legendary, the most perfect remedy for the restoration of the human body. The device will help to change the level of electromagnetic radiation in the most dangerous frequency range for us (40-70GHz). The advantages of this model are that “Super Lackey” restores the natural magnetic field of a person as quickly as possible and contributes to the improvement of general condition and well-being.

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Rest assured, L & amp; S devices are exactly what what you’ve been looking for!

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